Devin Vaughter Glendale Raptors


Loose Forward







Nashville, TN

Though Devin Vaughter was born in North Carolina, he calls Nashville, Tennessee his hometown. There he attended Father Ryan High School, before attending Middle Tennessee State University. Devin began playing rugby in 2004, naming Derek Wolfe his mentor in the game. He was invited to play in a men’s match at 16 years old, a sporting experience he describes as the most exhilarating in his life. He has played with the Vail RFC since 2012, and in Glendale since 2015. His father Eric Vaughter was a professional goalkeeper in the 1980s. Asked about his on-field inspiration, Devin points to the Raptors logo on his jersey. “It’s all about this for me. I fell in love with Glendale, with the team, the coaches, the attitude, the stance on winning, the stance on hard work.”