Glendale Raptors Coaches and Staff

Rugby is a team sport, but no team consists of just its players.

Teams extend far beyond the field of play – Glendale Raptors physicians, trainers, recruiters, and coaches all make up the organization’s second-to-none rugby club team. Numerous coaches and staff comprise Glendale’s on and off the field presence, led by Director of Rugby Mark Bullock, who has held the position since the club’s founding more than a decade ago.

Director Bullock oversees every branch of the Raptors organization and works to bring its long-term vision to life. Head coach Dave Williams has an extensive and impressive background in local, national, and international rugby competition, and is uniquely qualified to guide the Raptors’ continued success. Joined by developmental and specialist coaches, physicians, and strength and conditioning experts, the Raptors’ deep roster signifies the professionalism the teams pride themselves on.

Most importantly, the coaching staff in Glendale is focused on the cultivation of rugby’s ethics of leadership and hard work – and that focus has netted results. The Raptors have been consistently ranked among the best in the nation, and have brought multiple national titles home to Glendale.

  • Mark Bullock
    Mark Bullock Director of Rugby
  • Luke Gross
    Luke Gross Director of Amateur Rugby
  • Peter Borlase
    Peter Borlase Assistant Coach
  • Ata Malifa
    Ata Malifa Raptors Academy Head Coach
  • Richard Quincy
    Richard Quincy Head Team Physiotherapist
  • Dr. Amy Valenta
    Dr. Amy Valenta Medical Director
  • Dr. DaRosa
    Dr. DaRosa Club Physician
  • Jim Winges
    Jim Winges Sports Psychology
  • Sara Wright
    Sara Wright Communications and Logistics
  • Travis Haugen
    Travis Haugen Team Videographer