Raptors visit Denver Health

Come Join Us For This Great Event!

Date & Time

OCT 24, 2018


Denver Health
723 Delaware Street
Denver CO, 80204

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Event Details

Two professional Raptors players (Shaun Davies and Mickey Bateman), alongside Glendale’s Director of Youth Rugby, Jenna Anderson, demonstrated the Learn Rugby program for about 15 Denver Health youth patients. Teaching rugby, interacting with new fans, handing out swag, and posing for photos, the Glendale trio showed that at its heart rugby is the most inclusive sport on the planet.

Lara, a health educator at Denver Health, had nothing but praise for the event: “Everyone, from the staff to the kids, was so happy – we all wanted it to last longer!” The young patients had a great chance to take a break from their regular programming, learn about one of America’s fastest-growing sports, and get a chance to play. Glendale is dedicated to continuing a long history of supporting the local community.