Raptors In The Community

The Glendale Raptors Rugby Football Club Has A Storied History Of Distinction

Glendale Raptors Mascott, Rudy, In The Community

Founded in 2007, the multiple teams that comprise the organization not only have more than a decade of high-level rugby competition, but also numerous national and divisional championship titles to show for it. Exceptional rugby play isn’t what sets the Raptors apart from the competition; it’s the team’s inextinguishable spirit and emboldened sense of community. From the very beginning, the Raptors have been dedicated ambassadors of rugby, intertwining their love of sport with the people of Glendale and beyond.

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Glendale Raptors In The Community

The Raptors in the Community program is a unique endeavor: part public relations, part community service. Having players and coaches engaging locals is not new for the Raptors, however, it is a core value espoused since the team’s inception. Mark Bullock, Director of Rugby in Glendale, explains the essential concept behind the Raptors community involvement: “It started as a promise of service, so that our players give back to the people that support us. That is the point of emphasis. We give back to the community that helps us to play the game that we love.”

Rugby fosters a culture of giving, of inclusion, of involvement. Each of the volunteer and community events that the Raptors attend is the beginning of a chain reaction: as more and more people are affected, the accepting, inviting rugby family will continue to grow. Not only do these events benefit the community, the team also introduces new fans and players to the sport. Director of Rugby Mark Bullock describes the Raptors in the Community as an opportunity to give back, a philosophy that becomes action for the team. The program has the additional benefit of making stronger people out of the players as well. As Bullock puts it: “They learn something about themselves, even if they’re initially hesitant to commit. Something transpires in the process of helping others, of meeting the community that allows us to play the sport we love. It’s a valuable process. We do it, and we get something from it as well. Ultimately it benefits the community, and it benefits the club.”