Rugby Academy

Play youth rugby with the Raptors Academy.

The Glendale Raptors are committed to embodying rugby’s inclusive ethos, promoting local engagement and participation at every level. To that end, the Glendale Raptors Rugby Academy offers a community-centric youth, social, and high-performance pathway for players and fans to enjoy rugby throughout their lives.

The Glendale Raptor Rugby Academy is a full service academy designed to promote and grow the game of rugby through a comprehensive program for players of all ages. The Academy provides beginning youth programs for children under 14 as an introduction to the game and an opportunity to plant the seeds of skill development, respect for self, team mates, opponents, the referee and the game itself. It is an opportunity to lay the foundation for future skill and knowledge based growth and development, both on the field of play and off.

The high school and high performance programs build on the foundation as we continue to refine our rugby intelligence. These programs introduced higher level competition and increase the pressure situation that they young athlete will eventually face in the adult or high performance environments. Coaching instructing programs compliments the academy’s goals by promoting coach development to continue the supply of well qualified coaches to serve as mentors and leaders for future player development.

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